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Paragon Universal RPG


Paragon is a whole new take on the HDL system, with dramatically expanded rules, a complete magic system, integrated cybernetics rules, and most importantly, a totally revamped Active Delay combat system. Under the hood, it’s still the best of the original HDL system, with point-based character creation, customizable characters with Backgrounds and Weaknesses, cards for both character-building and in-game effects, and the underlying HDL dice mechanic. But the new Paragon rules take the game to new heights, expanding rules to 334 full-color pages.

Perfect Horizon 216X


The world of the 2160s is a different place, rife with mega-corporations, political machinations, lawless outlands, powerful mecha, and genetic engineering gone out of control. The clouds of a new world war are gathering in the distance, as every corner of the globe clings desperately to the last vestige of what makes up its way of life. Civilization struggles to retain what makes it human, while the engineered nation of Neutopia strives to control it all under the watchful eye of its flawless society.

Is this truly a perfect horizon?

Demongate High 2


Clocking in at over 500 pages, this book features hundreds of illustrations and information about the world both within and outside of Demongate High School. It includes detailed descriptions about dozens of supernatural organizations and all the planes of the multiverse, complete statistics for every full-time faculty member, and a plethora of plot hooks. In short, this is your one-stop resource for years of adventures within the Demongate High universe.

Latest News

3 Jan, 2016
All Paragon Books Now Available in Print From DriveThru

I know this announcement is a tad delayed, but all print books have been moved from Lulu to DriveThruRPG. Lulu’s process was no longer compatible with our files, and DriveThru is able to offer books at a much more reasonable price, so now the color books are actually affordable! If you purchase the print books, you also get the PDFs for free!

Check out all Tremorworks’ offerings on DriveThru!

3 Sep, 2015
Paragon Errata Updated

We’ve updated the latest errata for the main Paragon rules. Just a few minor catches, and a table tweak. I’d also like to thank everyone who is playing our games! We’re still working on new stuff, so stay tuned!

27 Mar, 2014
Demongate High 2nd Edition Downloads

DemonworldMapThe Downloads page has been updated with the above Demonworld Map along with the Demongate High Character Sheet, Grade Sheet, and Errata. As new downloads become available they’ll be uploaded.